Carl Hopkins - Channel 4’s secret Millionaire

Carl Hopkins channel 4 secret MillionaireA one-time ‘Secret Millionaire’, Carl Hopkins is a Yorkshire-based entrepreneur and marketing ‘guru'.

With over 25 years’ experience he has amassed a wealth of business and marketing knowledge that he now passes on in a style that is often described as ‘no-nonsense’ and ‘refreshingly sharp’.

Add to that a good dose of humour and dynamism and you have a speaker who can captivate a crowd, leaving them feeling energised and


Session 1 - 11am - Eleven extra but ordinary steps to being Extraordinary...

Carl HopkinsCarl Hopkins will talk you through the principles and steps he takes in all of his businesses to improve their chances of success. All at little or no cost.

Showing many good and some bad examples this fast paced presentation will give you much food for thought to apply in your own businesses.




Session 2 - 1pm - Giving Birth to a Birthday Business

Carl Hopkins and Deidre BoundsCarl along with business partner Deirdre Bounds, author, TV presenter and self made Millionairess, has invested in and launched Parties Around the World.

Today Carl will share with you the trials and tribulations of starting a new business. Explain how it came about, the problems of getting to market, the service and where the business might go.

Also how you could become part of Parties Around the World.






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Follow Carl on witter: @CarlHopkins


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